Welcome to Savegame.dev...
... where we believe in the power of games to inspire, connect, and transform the world. Our consultancy company is dedicated to aiding the game creation landscape, fostering a sustainable and inclusive environment that empowers creators worldwide.

Our Mission

At Save_Game.dev, our mission is clear—to empower game creators globally, with a particular focus on those in emerging nations in the Global South. We are committed to providing access to systematized knowledge about the games industry, ensuring that creators have the resources they need for success regardless of their geographical location. By democratizing information, we aim to level the playing field and catalyze innovation on a global scale.

Supporting Governments and Institutions:

We extend our commitment beyond the individual creator, working hand-in-hand with governments and institutions to create impactful programs that support and nurture game creators. By collaborating with policymakers, we strive to build ecosystems that recognize the cultural and economic significance of the gaming industry, promoting sustainable growth and fostering local talent.

Core Values

Diversity, inclusion, and collaboration are at the heart of Save_Game.dev. We believe in the strength that comes from embracing a multitude of perspectives, experiences, and voices. We champion an inclusive environment where every creator, regardless of background, finds the support they need to thrive.